$15 Minimum Wage

Subject: I’ve got a favour to ask, We’re halfway there, can you help us out? It’s time for a $15 minimum wage



Yesterday’s economic update failed to include a $15 minimum wage. The government may be taking action before the holiday break. That means we only have a small window to act.


The goal is to flood MPs and the Prime Minister with 2,500 emails demanding a $15 minimum wage. We’re already more than halfway there!


Can I count on you today?


We’re coming close to almost a year with COVID-19 changing how we do things. It’s been a tough one. But now we need to focus on the folks who have been getting us through this – many of whom make less than $15 an hour.


These are workers who are covering shifts when coworkers need to stay home. They are workers who had to do more with less because of public health restrictions. They are workers who show up to work with a smile behind their mask, ready to support you and your family.


Let’s show up for them and demand the implementation of a $15 minimum wage today.


Thanks for all you do,


Standing up for workers and their families