Call Your MP


Subject line: Call Your MP



Workers should call the shots in Ottawa. Not lobbyists.

You voted MPs into office. They represent your interests. But corporate lobbyists spend a lot of money trying to convince them otherwise.

Slick lobbyists can’t be the only ones who get a say in Canada’s recovery. That’s why we’re getting members of [LOCAL] in front of our elected officials – and we need to do it now.

Book a meeting now to set a worker-first agenda for your MP. We’ll help you call and prepare – all you have to do is book here.

Just because we live in [CITY] doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have a say on Parliament Hill.

Nervous? Our partners at the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) will make sure you have everything you need. Training, workshops, scripting, tech tips – the works.

You deserve your say, because I know you’re fighting for what counts. Members of [LOCAL] always fight for worker-first policies like pharmacare, climate action, better social safety nets, and better jobs for all.

But Parliament resumes on November 22. MP calendars are filling up fast. Book your spot now – we’ll help you every step of the way.

Canada’s workers call the shots. Let’s make sure they never forget it.