Day of Mourning, Calling for Paid Sick Days

Subject: Day of Mourning: We’re calling for paid sick days

Preview: Sign up for a live training on paid sick days on April 28. We need you there.


Canada’s unions are honouring the lives of workers who were killed or injured on the job in the week leading up to April 28, Canada’s National Day of Mourning.


Frontline and essential workers were told they were heroes for helping Canada’s fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. But here we are -- still fighting for paid sick days -- a year after the pandemic began.


Canada’s decision-makers aren’t listening. That stops now.


It’s not enough to just organize offline anymore, especially during a pandemic. We need to use digital tools to meet people where they are at, engage them, and mobilize them to take action.


Join CLC’s Saskatchewan Representative, Deanna Ogle, on Wednesday, April 28 at 7 pm Eastern Time to learn how to use phone banking to engage supporters to fight for paid sick leave, better wages and more. We'll practice making phone calls for the Day of Mourning.




As we mourn for the dead, the fight for the living must continue. We need you to join that fight.


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