GBLC Christmas Greeting


Greetings Sisters and Brothers,


As 2021 draws to a close, we cannot help but look back on the year it was. The pandemic continued to place frontline

workers in harm's way and continued to create escalating challenges for everyone. When we mistakenly thought it was

slowing down, new variants taught us otherwise. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to the frontline workers of Ontario,

Canada and the world and all those continuing to keep our communities functioning throughout this pandemic. It is the

workers that will make our recovery possible.


There is much to reflect on in 2021. The discovery of thousands of indigenous children in the remnants of the dark history

of residential schools, devastating and extreme weather events, hatred driven acts of violence, COVID vaccine and mass

vaccination, and the status of borders still unclear . Locally we took part in a monumental event with the Society of United

Professionals (SUP), Canadian Labour Congress (CLC), Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL) and Bruce Power. Although the

Day of Mourning and Labour Day events were not normal, they were again in person.


We have much work to do going forward into 2022 and together we will be triumphant in all our endeavors. Undoubtedly

the pandemic will continue to wage war with us in 2022 causing more disruptions in our lives, but we will continue to march

  1. Workers will continue to rebuild our economy and strengthen our communities and will lead the recovery.


As we say goodbye to 2021, please take time to reflect on 2021 and the years gone past. Cherish your memories, commit to

correcting wrongs and to build a better future to all. When we all work together towards a common goal the goal becomes

much easier to achieve.


On behalf of the Grey Bruce Labour Council (GLBC), it has been an honor to collaborate with you. The Labour Council appreciates

all the commitment to the work we do together. Work that will ensure a better future for all. We wish you a very Happy Holiday

season, a peaceful and joyous New Year celebration and look forward to working with affiliates, friends and allies in 2022.


From our homes to your Happy Holidays and all the best in 2022,


Kevin Smith, President                  Dave Trumble, VP Bruce                               Chris Stephen, VP Grey


Amy Stephen, Secretary               Gord Cale, Treasurer                                     Anna Morrison, Sgt-at-Arms