Lobby Days

Subject: Action Week is coming – make an appointment with your MP today.

We know the second wave of COVID-19 signals more risk to seniors in long-term care. It will put more pressure on our health care system and intensifies our jobs crisis.

Pharmaceutical companies, private healthcare providers and insurance companies hire teams of high paid lobbyist to meet with Members of Parliament to call for low-wage, private sector, profit-driven solutions to the issues the pandemic has exposed.   

We need Members of Parliament to meet with regular working Canadians, like you and I, to understand how the pandemic has impacted our members, our families and our community.  Please join the thousands of people who are setting up a virtual meeting with their Members of Parliament the week of November 2nd to 6th.

Action Week is your chance to make sure Canada moves forward with a plan that’s rooted in our way of doing things -- on health care, on jobs and in how we care for each other.


Thank you for signing up - we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Your voice matters and deserves to be heard. Make Ottawa listen. Call your MP to book a meeting today.