Dec 2021 CLC Report to Labour Councils

Send letter to MP - Action Week (send dates between Nov. 29 - Dec. 3)

Send letter to MP - Action Week (send dates between Nov. 29 - Dec. 3)


Sender: Grey Bruce Labour Council


Subject: Tell Ottawa: Put workers first // Tell Ottawa: WORKERS FIRST // 10 seconds, 10,000 letters


This week, we’re aiming to send 10,000 letters to Ottawa.


We’re sending them to remind MPs that they work for us – and you can help.


Our goal is to make sure Ottawa invests in better jobs, climate action, health care, and a stronger social safety net.


Making life more affordable and ensuring services Canadians rely on are there for them when they need them most should be at the top of your MP’s list. Not bailouts or tax breaks for big business.


 If you want MPs to put workers and families first on Parliament Hill, send a letter to your MP now. It’s already drafted – it takes 10 secs to hit send.


Once you’ve signed, ask 5 people you know to do the same. Let’s make sure MPs hear us loud and clear from your union local or organization.


Thanks so much for stepping up. I know we can reach 10,000 with your help!


Talk soon,


Kevin Smith, President

Grey Bruce Labour Council





Call Your MP


Subject line: Call Your MP



Workers should call the shots in Ottawa. Not lobbyists.

You voted MPs into office. They represent your interests. But corporate lobbyists spend a lot of money trying to convince them otherwise.

Slick lobbyists can’t be the only ones who get a say in Canada’s recovery. That’s why we’re getting members of [LOCAL] in front of our elected officials – and we need to do it now.

Book a meeting now to set a worker-first agenda for your MP. We’ll help you call and prepare – all you have to do is book here.

Just because we live in [CITY] doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have a say on Parliament Hill.

Nervous? Our partners at the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) will make sure you have everything you need. Training, workshops, scripting, tech tips – the works.

You deserve your say, because I know you’re fighting for what counts. Members of [LOCAL] always fight for worker-first policies like pharmacare, climate action, better social safety nets, and better jobs for all.

But Parliament resumes on November 22. MP calendars are filling up fast. Book your spot now – we’ll help you every step of the way.

Canada’s workers call the shots. Let’s make sure they never forget it.

Workers Are The Recovery


I need you to hit the ground running.


Paid lobby groups are clamoring to meet with decision-makers on Parliament Hill to try and influence Canada’s recovery.


You know what that means, the clock is already ticking, so we need to get loud for working people right now.


We need Ottawa to listen to you because big corporations aren’t talking to MPs about worker safety -- they’re worried about their bottom line. That’s why we’re bringing Action Week back!


Sign up today to join thousands of Canadians scheduling virtual meetings with their MPs between November 26 and December 3.


Workers are the recovery, so we need to harness the power of our movement and demand results from Ottawa, like:


  • Improving Canada’s social safety net and fixing Employment Insurance;
  • Strengthening our health care system with pharmacare, public long-term care, and mental health investments;
  • Replacing the jobs we lost with better ones that keep all workers safe and supported;
  • Investing in critical social infrastructure like the care economy; and
  • Climate action that includes support for workers and investments in green infrastructure like transit, energy and manufacturing.

By setting up a meeting with your elected representatives, you have the opportunity to advocate for solutions that address the systemic gaps this pandemic has exposed.


Your MP needs to hear your story for change to happen. The Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) is creating a suite of online tools, resources and training to help you get a meeting with your MP and guide you through it every step of the way.


Sign up today:


Time to get loud,



Safe Return to School


This is not how students and education workers should have returned back to the classroom—without a strong COVID-19 prevention plan.

And since Ford’s Conservatives have prorogued the legislature until after the federal election, we are only further delaying the chances of having a plan in place to protect communities.

Dave, experts have been clear on what we need: smaller class sizes, improved ventilation, and permanent paid sick leave. We need the Minister of Education to implement this plan as soon as possible.

Send an email to Minister Lecce demanding he apply these health and safety measures across all schools in Ontario. We’ve already drafted the email for you, all you have to do is press send.

By emailing the Minister of Education, you’re adding your voice to our push for greater protections in every school—so our students and education workers across Ontario feel safe and listened to.

Dave, help us make sure students and education workers go back to the classroom with the support they deserve.

Email Minister Lecce and demand a STRONG back to school safety plan.

In solidarity,

The Ontario Federation of Labour

416-441-2731 | 1-800-668-9138
[email protected]
15 Gervais Dr, Suite 202, Toronto, ON M3C 1Y8

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Happy Labour Day, 2021

Happy Labour Day!

  Another Labour Day amidst a global pandemic, unable to celebrate in our normal fashion, BUT we will CELEBRATE!  Looking back over the past 18 months, reflecting on sacrifices and accomplishment’s that were made by so many workers taking care of us when we were ill/affected by the virus, ensuring our safety, making sure food was available and keeping society functioning shows not only dedication to others but also proves that we, workers, will be responsible for the recovery of the economy.   The Grey Bruce Labour Council has absolute admiration for all workers, but particularly recognizes the effort of the essential and frontline workers who kept working tirelessly throughout the pandemic and continue to do so today.

   All workers are celebrated on Labour Day, today we celebrate not only our accomplishments of the past 18 months but all of those in history.  Many rights we enjoy today were fought for and won, minimum wages, overtime pay, workplace safety standards, maternity and parental leave, vacation pay, protection from discrimination and harassment are just a few examples of what labour can do.  We will do it again, together, as we recover from COVID-19, we will fight for as strong recovery plan that includes living wages, benefits like paid sick leave and pensions for all workers, universal, affordable child care, and we will fight to end decades long inequalities that has long plagued marginalized workers, particularly women of colour, workers with disabilities, and many others.  We will fight for the end of injustice for Indigenous, Muslim and all racialized communities, together we will lead the way and there is no doubt we will prevail.

The pre-pandemic world wasn’t working for everyone, today we commit together that we will lead the recovery and we will lead the way to a better future for all.  On this Labour Day amidst a global pandemic and a world full of injustice, I urge you to take the time today, to not only reflect and celebrate the accomplishments of the past and those of today, but to commit to helping ensure a better future for all.

Happy Labour Day!

Kevin Smith, President

Grey Bruce Labour Council