Healthcare Survey

Grey-Bruce health-care groups seek public input on health-care system

By: Liz DadsonNovember 8, Nov, 2020

Health-care organizations across Grey and Bruce counties are reaching out to patients, residents, clients and caregivers to solicit feedback on the local health-care system.

As part of the development process to create an Ontario Health Team (OHT) in Grey-Bruce, a survey has been released to hear from the people who are using the health system, states a press release from the Kincardine Family Health Team and the Hanover and District Hospital, issued Friday.

The structure of the Ontario health system is changing, following the government introduction of new legislation in 2019 that will see the creation of OHTs. These would replace the Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs) to streamline and integrate services of health-care providers in a defined geographic region, and ensure these providers work together to better support patients, clients, residents and caregivers where and when they need it.

This change is intended to ensure all care, including primary care, hospital services, mental health and addiction services, long-term care and home and community care, will be easily accessible with seamless transitions between health-care providers.

In Grey-Bruce, a planning committee has been established to guide the development of an OHT in the region. The committee is now engaging key stakeholders to solicit feedback on the local health-care system.

A key part of this engagement is to better understand the experiences of patients, clients, residents and caregivers when accessing health-care services in Grey-Bruce. This information will be used to help inform the design and implementation of a local health-care system that will meet the needs of our communities.

The Grey-Bruce OHT planning committee is encouraging all patients, clients, residents and caregivers to participate in this survey which can be accessed by connecting to the following link

The committee is also looking for patients, clients, residents and caregivers to participate in future work of the Grey Bruce OHT. More information can be found at

Join Our Action Week

Join Our Action Week

In Canada, we’ve weathered the pandemic by sticking together and supporting each other. Let’s take what we learned from the pandemic and prepare for Canada’s future. We need to make sure decision makers will invest in a recovery that benefits everyone.

Set up a meeting with your MP on the week of November 2 to 6, to push for a recovery plan that puts people first.

Grab a virtual cup of coffee with your MP. Tell them we need to replace lost jobs with better ones, strengthen public health care and improve our social safety net. 

We need to be heard, now more than ever. Meeting with our MPs ensures that we are part of the conversation to influence government plans to rebuild the economy.

CLC National Survey on Workplace Violence and Harassment



Members of CLC Canadian Council 


Labour Council Presidents 

The CLC is excited to announce a new national survey on workplace violence and harassment.

The survey, which is being conducted with researchers at Western University and the University of Toronto, is the first ever survey on violence and sexual harassment in the workplace with a national reach in Canada.
It will launch online on October 21.
We need all workers to fill it out—workers of every gender, whether or not they have experienced or witnessed workplace violence or harassment. This is how we will get a clearer picture of workers’ experiences in workplaces across the country.
Like with the groundbreaking Domestic Violence at Work project, the results of this research will inform policy and education initiatives on workplace violence and sexual harassment.
We are counting on all affiliates, federations and labour councils to help spread the word, and encourage your members to participate. Below, you will find links to the following downloadable files:
1) Template emails for locals and members
2) Social media shareables
We will continue to develop promotional tools throughout the 6-month survey period.
The survey is open to workers 18 years of age or older. It takes approximately 10 to 30 minutes to complete. All respondents will remain anonymous.
The survey will be online here. Please share it with your members on all the platforms you use to communicate with them.
For any questions, please contact our Human Rights Department at
[email protected].
In solidarity,

Hassan Yussuff                     

Marie Clarke Walker



CLC Women’s Advisory Committee 


CLC Health and Safety Advisory Committee 

Link: Official Letter

Destinataires :    

Membres du Conseil canadien du CTC 


Présidentes et présidents des conseils du travail 

Le CTC est heureux d’annoncer un nouveau sondage national sur la violence et le harcèlement au travail.
L’enquête, qui est menée par des enquêteuses de l’Université Western et de l’Université de Toronto, est la toute première sur la violence et le harcèlement sexuel au travail à l’échelle nationale au Canada.
Le sondage sera lancé en ligne le 21 octobre.
Nous avons besoin que toutes les travailleuses et tous les travailleurs le remplissent – de tous les sexes, qu’ils aient ou non été victimes de violence ou de harcèlement au travail. Ainsi, nous aurons un meilleur portrait de l’expérience des travailleuses et des travailleurs dans les milieux de travail partout au pays.
À l’instar du projet novateur sur la violence familiale au travail, les résultats de cette enquête permettront d’élaborer des initiatives en matière de politiques et d’éducation sur la violence et le harcèlement sexuel au travail.
Nous comptons sur tous les affiliés, fédérations et conseils du travail pour nous aider à faire passer le mot et encourager vos membres à y participer. Vous trouverez ci-dessous les liens vers les fichiers téléchargeables suivants :
1) modèles de courriels pour les sections locales et les membres;
2) contenu à partager sur les médias sociaux.
Nous continuerons de développer des outils promotionnels tout au long de la période de six mois du sondage.
Les personnes âgées de 18 ans ou plus peuvent participer au sondage. Il faut entre 10 et 30 minutes pour remplir le sondage. Tous les participants et participantes resteront anonymes.
Le sondage sera en ligne ici. Veuillez le partager avec vos membres sur toutes les plates-formes que vous utilisez pour communiquer avec eux.
Pour toute question, veuillez communiquer avec notre Service des droits de la personne à [email protected].
Veuillez accepter l’expression de ma solidarité.

Le président,
Hassan Yussuff                     

La secrétaire-trésorière,
Marie Clarke Walker  


c. c.    

Comité consultatif de la condition féminine du CTC 


Comité consultatif de la santé et de la sécurité du CTC 

Lien: lettre officielle

Lobby Days

Subject: Action Week is coming – make an appointment with your MP today.

We know the second wave of COVID-19 signals more risk to seniors in long-term care. It will put more pressure on our health care system and intensifies our jobs crisis.

Pharmaceutical companies, private healthcare providers and insurance companies hire teams of high paid lobbyist to meet with Members of Parliament to call for low-wage, private sector, profit-driven solutions to the issues the pandemic has exposed.   

We need Members of Parliament to meet with regular working Canadians, like you and I, to understand how the pandemic has impacted our members, our families and our community.  Please join the thousands of people who are setting up a virtual meeting with their Members of Parliament the week of November 2nd to 6th.

Action Week is your chance to make sure Canada moves forward with a plan that’s rooted in our way of doing things -- on health care, on jobs and in how we care for each other.


Thank you for signing up - we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Your voice matters and deserves to be heard. Make Ottawa listen. Call your MP to book a meeting today.

Frontline Workers

Front line Workers


Subject: Let’s recognize front line workers!

During the pandemic, we have all come to realize the importance of frontline workers.  These workers served in healthcare, made sure people could get groceries and kept public transit going.

How have you and your family recognized front line workers?  How has your community celebrated front line workers?  Let us know here.

(Hit reply and type your answer here)


Do you know a frontline worker who should be recognized?  Tell us about them here:

Add button “Tell us Here”.

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PWU Continues to Donate, KDSS, Art Gallery, Hospice, Food Banks

The Power Workers' Union (PWU) has presented several donations to charitable organizations in the Kincardine area over the past couple of weeks.

PWU representative Cathy Luinstra presented a cheque for $3,000 Kincardine District Senior School (KDSS) teacher Tim Luinstra, for the Outdoor Education program, and toward the building of an outdoor classroom so students can move to learning in the outdoors.

This donation will assist students taking the Outdoor Education program, as well as in the purchase of equipment for activities in the program and for assisting with excursions, such as the Saugeen River and Algonquin Canoe Trips. 

Students at KDSS who take this course learn various wilderness and camping skills and then get the opportunity to test their skills on a five-day wilderness trip into Algonquin Park in June. The funding also assists students who cannot afford the cost of the program or the trips.

Tim Luinstra and KDSS principal Mark Ozorio thank the PWU, on behalf of the staff and students at KDSS, for these greatly-needed funds.

Activist Awards

Greetings Sisters and Brothers,

    It is surprising how quickly a year passes, this year with COVID it seems to have passed even quicker.  Under normal circumstances we would be planning our Annual Activist Day and Dinner to take place in October, this year with COVID restrictions in place we will unfortunately be unable to host an in person Activist Day and Dinner.  This does not mean we will be overlooking the tremendous work that our Sisters and Brothers have done during the year.  We know that Health & Safety for all workers has been the top priority, but we also know several sisters and brothers have continued to advance and promote the value of Labour. With that in mind we are seeking nominations for our annual Health & Safety Activist Award and Labour Council Activist award.  We are working on a plan to host an ‘Online Celebration and Award presentation’ to take place on November 23, 2020, more details will follow as we confirm the agenda for the celebration and presentations. 

Activist Applications


Please see the attached Nomination forms for these two awards and send your nominations to me no later than October 25th so the GBLC executive is able to review the nominations during our Executive meeting on October 26th for discussion and selection during the regular meeting of GBLC that evening (October 26th at 7:00pm).


In solidarity,



Kevin Smith, President

Grey Bruce Labour Council


[email protected]

PWU Continues to Donate

We can all agree that the COVID-19 pandemic has created many challenges. Thankfully, with the power of technology (and a few strategic photo shoots!) we are still able to do cheque “presentations” with our amazing donors and sponsors! You can barely tell that these are two separate photos merged together, right?! 😂Pictured here is Tom Desmond (right) from PWU (Power Workers Union), presenting a cheque for $10,000 to Michelle Lamont (left) of Women’s House. We are SO grateful and appreciative of their generosity!We work with some of the most vulnerable members of our communities – women and children fleeing violence. Because we are not adequately funded by government, we rely upon community generosity to be able serve all women and children who come to us asking for help. With your support, we can continue to meet the needs of those most in need of safety, protection, and support.