Paramedic Week

Subject: Could you survive an EMS shift?

Send a letter to demand more support for paramedics

Moment: Paramedic week

Action: Send a letter



The pandemic is taking a toll on a lot of people, but I wanted to focus on how it's impacting our first responders.


During the pandemic, we’ve all focused a lot on hospitals. What gets lost are the critical moments before a patient gets to the emergency room.


Paramedics have precious few minutes to reach us in an emergency.


Fewer still to make life-altering decisions. I can’t imagine the pressure they’re under.


We owe a lot to paramedics and all first responders, especially during the pandemic.


This EMS Week, help make sure paramedics have access to all of the proper equipment to keep themselves and their patients safe.


Send a letter today and tell the government that adequate PPE is essential.


Thanks for your support