We Need #SafeSeptember


Throughout the pandemic, the Ford Government’s refusal to invest in safety and listen to science has been detrimental to education in Ontario.

But the Conservative Government’s refusal to ensure safe and healthy classrooms is not the first time they have prioritized profit over people in Ontario’s education sectors. Since 2018 Ford’s Conservative Government have made cuts across the board from child care to K-12, to post-secondary education.

That’s why we’re hosting an Education Assembly this Saturday, June 26 @ 9:30 a.m. Workers, students, and parents across education sectors are coming together to plan and advocate for a just and safe September. Will you join us?

Here’s the plan for the day:

  • Education – Hear from keynote speakers about chronic issues across education sectors
  • Inspiration – Share ideas about what workers, parents, and students need to return to school safely
  • Action – Strategize and develop actions to do throughout the summer to ensure the government does what is needed for a safe September

Sign up here to help us develop an education plan that keeps everyone healthy and safe. Together, we are the power of many fighting for a better public education system for all.


In solidarity,

The Ontario Federation of Labour

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