Workers Are The Recovery


I need you to hit the ground running.


Paid lobby groups are clamoring to meet with decision-makers on Parliament Hill to try and influence Canada’s recovery.


You know what that means, the clock is already ticking, so we need to get loud for working people right now.


We need Ottawa to listen to you because big corporations aren’t talking to MPs about worker safety -- they’re worried about their bottom line. That’s why we’re bringing Action Week back!


Sign up today to join thousands of Canadians scheduling virtual meetings with their MPs between November 26 and December 3.


Workers are the recovery, so we need to harness the power of our movement and demand results from Ottawa, like:


  • Improving Canada’s social safety net and fixing Employment Insurance;
  • Strengthening our health care system with pharmacare, public long-term care, and mental health investments;
  • Replacing the jobs we lost with better ones that keep all workers safe and supported;
  • Investing in critical social infrastructure like the care economy; and
  • Climate action that includes support for workers and investments in green infrastructure like transit, energy and manufacturing.

By setting up a meeting with your elected representatives, you have the opportunity to advocate for solutions that address the systemic gaps this pandemic has exposed.


Your MP needs to hear your story for change to happen. The Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) is creating a suite of online tools, resources and training to help you get a meeting with your MP and guide you through it every step of the way.


Sign up today:


Time to get loud,